Introduction of Automatic Drumstick Frying Machine

The chicken drumstick frying machine has a high degree of automation. The main structure includes an oil temperature automatic control system, an automatic lifting system, a heating system: electric heating, a mesh belt conveyor system: frequency conversion speed regulation, an automatic filtration system: oil-water mixed pure oil filtration. It can ensure that the processing of fried food is more time-saving and labor-saving, and the effect of fried chicken drumstick is good.

Chicken Drumstick Frying Machine Price

Function and Characteristics of Chicken Drumstick Fryer

1. Using the principle that the specific gravity of oil, water and animal oil are different, the oil and water are automatically layered after mixing. The oil is fried after the upper layer is heated. During this process, the food residue sinks into the water and can be removed in time. The oil will not be blackened because it sinks to the bottom of the pot when it is commonly fried. Animal oil produced during the frying process will also sink and be removed, which is one of the reasons why the oil remains pure. Secondly, because the temperature of the oil is effectively controlled, the oxidation process of the fried oil is effectively alleviated, that is, the oil is not easy to paste.

Automatic Chicken Drumstick Frying Machine in High Quality

2. This chicken drumstick frying machine solves the problem of excessive oil volatilization caused by overheating and drying of traditional fryer. The oil-water mixing technology causes the water under the oil layer to continuously generate a small amount of water vapor, and penetrates into the oil layer to replenish water to the frying oil, thereby suppressing a large amount of oil volatilization. The central heating process can automatically control the temperature as needed, effectively alleviating the oxidation degree of the frying oil and inhibiting the generation of acid medium. This prolongs the life cycle of the frying oil, reduces waste, reduces air pollution, and allows the operator to avoid smoking.

3. The chicken drumstick fryer machine adopts oil-water mixing technology and is equipped with a dynamic filtration system, which can automatically filter and discharge slag during the work process to ensure the purity of the fried oil. The energy can be directly heated by electricity or gas. With high efficiency and energy saving, wide range of uses, this fryer is suitable for large capacity of fried fish, chicken, meatballs, chin chin, etc.

Video of Automatic Chicken Drumstick Frying Machine

Note: Due to the needs of different users, the automatic chicken drumstick fryer machine supports customization. For example, the length of the frying machine, the material of the mesh belt, the type (single mesh belt or double mesh belt), and the temperature can be set at will.

Technical Parameters

Heating TypeElectric
Mesh Belt Width(MM)800
Oil discharge(L)1230