Introduction of Electric Chicken Nugget Frying Machine

This chicken nugget frying machine is developed and produced by professional GELGOOG snack frying machine factory. The body of the fryer machine is made of food-grade stainless steel. The fried chicken nuggets are healthy and hygienic throughout the frying process.

Automatic Chicken Nugget Fryer Machine

Material of Chicken Nugget Frying Equipment

The hoarding and cover are made of high-quality stainless steel. The fuel tank, oil pan, scraper, chain, and sprocket are made of high-quality stainless steel. Specially made stainless steel tube type high-efficiency burning fire plate. Inverter, temperature controller, combustion control valve, flameout protection device, automatic ignition device and other electrical components are all well-known brands.

Advantages of Automatic Chicken Nugget Frying Machine

① The chicken nugget fryer adopts the form of electric heating, which is safe and hygienic. The heating tube is installed in the heat conducting oil layer and does not contact food.
② High safety, the heating tube is completely sealed to avoid the fire that may be caused by the exposed heating tube.
③ An anti-floating mesh belt is provided on the main mesh belt to prevent the product from floating in the fryer and ensure the frying effect of the product.
④ The heating temperature of the frying machine is freely controlled and can be set according to the product process requirements.
⑤ Concentrated flue emission, comfortable operation, environmental protection and sanitation.

Machine for Frying Chicken Nuggets

Our Company’s Advantages

♡ Over 10 years experience, mature technology on frying machine.
♡ Our company supply 1 year free warranty, lifetime maintenance.
♡ Engineers and professionals overseas guide installations and trains.
♡ Special proposal design for every customer according to different requirements.
♡ Customer can visit our workshop, also supply machine working videos and pictures.
♡ The factory produces directly, the price of chicken nuggets frying machine has the advantage, no middleman earns the difference.

Basic Parameters of Chicken Nugget Fryer Machine

Heating TypeElectric
Power(KW)convey1.5, hoist0.75, heat100
Mesh Belt Width(MM)800
Oil discharge(L)800L
Parameters of Chicken Nugget Fryer