Prawn cracker production line is a processing line for automatic production of prawn crackers composed of mixing machine, extruder, molding machine, cutting machine, slicing machine and other equipment.

Prawn Cracker Production Line Manufacturer

Prawn cracker, also known as shrimp chips, it is made from shrimp powder and starch, is a deep-fried puffed food that is cheap and delicious. It is very popular in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. This is also our main export country.

Characteristics of Prawn Cracker Product Line

● 304 stainless steel material ensures that the machine is not easy to rust and corrosion under long-term use, and the shrimp chips made are more hygienic.
● Mechatronic design, the prawn cracker production line is composed of electric heating device, spiral extrusion device, forming mold and motor, which is durable, stable and reliable.

How to Make Prawn Crackers

● Using electric heating electronic automatic temperature control device, the temperature difference produced by shrimp sticks is smaller, the heating is more uniform, and the taste is better.
● Smokeless emissions during the production of shrimp chips are both environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the operating equipment is relatively safe.
● The entire production line is composed of independent stand-alone equipment, which is more convenient for maintenance, the cutting speed of the slicer is adjustable, and the thickness of the prawn crackers can be controlled.

Prawn Cracker Making Machine

Processing Flow of Shrimp Chips

After mixing corn starch or potato starch and other raw materials with water in a certain proportion, pour it into the hopper of the shrimp chip machine. The motor drives the screw of the extruder to advance the machine into the machine. Then it is shaped by the mold of the molding machine It is exquisite and smooth, elastic cylindrical or oval shrimp stick. After drying or drying, use a slicer to cut into thin slices, and the shrimp slices are finished.

Technical Parameter of Prawn Cracker Production Line

Mixing Machine1050*910*11503110 30kg/time
Extruder1850*810*195020.773080-150 kg/h
Molding Machine850*540*7904250adjustable
Cutting Machine1550*540*7901.3150adjustable
Slicing Machine1050*610*7503.5200adjustable