How to fry chicken? Fried chicken is a dish consisting of chicken pieces which have been coated in a seasoned batter and deep fried. After frying, the chicken has a very crispy skin, and the meat is delicious inside.

How to Fry Chicken

How can I fry a crispy and delicious chicken? Here I want to introduce a very practical frying machine to customers, which is used in many stores.

What are the advantages of Chicken Frying Machine:

  • Automatic discharging: through the electric lifting method, after the frying is completed, it is automatically raised and drained and poured out automatically, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers and ensures the uniformity of the product frying time.
Chicken Frying Machine
  • Automatic temperature control: uniform heating, constant temperature, ensuring food nutrition. The electronic control instrument is controlled by the induced draft fan. When the oil temperature is higher than the set temperature, the induced draft fan automatically stops. When the oil temperature is lower than the set temperature, the induced draft fan is in working condition to ensure the frying temperature of the product and improve the product quality.
  • In the production process, the fine slag is raised at any time to increase the utilization rate of the oil. During the production process, the oil can be circulated internally and externally to keep the oil temperature balanced between the internal and external. There is also a slag removal system during the oil cycle.

How to Fry Chicken with a Machine?

If you or friends want to start this business and don’t know how to fry chicken, you can recommend our equipment to them. According to the different needs of users, we can provide them with different types of frying machine, with large output and powerful functions.