Wide Application of Electric Corn Chips Fryer Machine

Our newly developed tortilla chips fryer machine is easy to use and suitable for frying churro(youtiao), twist, corn flakes, meatballs, meat and other products. The surface of the fried product is golden yellow, and it tastes crispy. It is also possible to fry different materials at the same time, without odor.

Tortilla Chips Fyer Machine For Sale

Description of New Tortilla Chips Fryer Machine

The machine produced by our company is an automatic stirring and automatic lifting device, which is specially used for frying various products. It is an economical, practical and convenient frying equipment. Batch production, 20-40 kg each time, the specific output is determined according to the characteristics of the material.

Characters of Electric Corn Tortilla Chips Frying Machine

♡ Adopting the new technology of oil-water mixing, the food residues generated during the frying process can be sunk into the lower funnel through the water filtration and discharged through the sewage outlet, which not only achieves the function of filtering oil, but also does not waste oil.
♡ Multi-purpose for one machine, no need to change oil, can fry a variety of food, no oil fume, no odor, save time and environmental protection. Compared with ordinary frying machine, the food fried by this machine does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.
♡ The frying equipment is equipped with an automatic discharging device, which is easy to operate and makes the color and frying degree of the whole pot products consistent.

Electric Corn Chips Fryer Machine


① If the tortilla chips fryer machine you see does not meet your requirements, please contact us, we can customize it according to your needs.
② The company has professional after-sales service personnel. After receiving the call from the customer, the call can be resolved through communication, and the communication within the call is resolved. If it is necessary to use the site, the company will arrive at the customer’s factory in time according to the actual work arrangement. Special circumstances will promptly communicate and negotiate with customers.
③ During installation and commissioning, after-sales service personnel respect the installation and use conditions of the demand side, and provide scientific and reasonable suggestions for installation and commissioning.
④ If any quality problems occur during the operation of the fryer, please contact the after-sales service department of the company in time.

Basic Parameters

Heating TypeElectric
Fry basket sizeφ1000*400
Oil discharge320
Power(kw)Stir 0.37,Discharge 0.75,Heating 36
Basic Parameter of Corn Chips Fryer Machine