How long to fry chicken wings in frying machine? Here we will talk about the continuous fryer. The technology of fryer with different structure is also different.

Chicken Wings Frying Machine

Process of Frying Chicken Wings

① First you need to install and debug the chicken wings frying equipment.
② Pour a certain proportion of oil and water, the oil level must not pass the heating tube, so as not to burn out. Do not exceed the highest oil level line to avoid splashing during frying and causing injury.

Machine Frying Chicken Wings

③ Turn on the power, turn on the heating pipe, close the oil drain valve, and fill the oil tank to the specified oil level.
④ Adjust the temperature, you can freely adjust between 0-300. Different materials have different frying temperature, the fried chicken wings can be adjusted to about 180 degrees, probably need 5-7 minutes.
⑤ When the oil temperature reaches the set temperature, turn on the mesh belt motor to start the conveyor belt.

Testing Video of Machine Frying Chicken Wings