In factory, there are many frying machines, so the prices of the machines vary. Then how much does a fryer machine cost? Here we introduce the different types of pork rind fryer machine in detail.

Cost of Pork Rind Fryer

Every fryer can fry pork rind, just in a different operation way. Our frying machine is mainly divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic, this article we mainly talk about the cost of automatic pig skin fryer.

① The water adding valve is set at the lower oil layer, and water can be added at any time without affecting the frying work.
② The whole process of oil temperature is automatically controlled. The temperature can be set freely from 0 to 230 degrees.
③ The oil-water separation surface is provided with an observation glass tube and an oil drain valve detection device. The water level can be more accurate.
④ The lower part of the water is equipped with a temperature measuring device, the water temperature display is clear, and the water temperature can also be set. When it is higher than the set temperature, cooling measures can be taken. (Special requirements can also be equipped with automatic cooling function).
⑤ Adopt international general oil-water mixing process design, compared with ordinary fryer, it saves cooking oil more.
⑥ With automatic discharging function, saving manpower and ensuring the same color and taste of the product.

Pork Rinds Fryer Machine Price

The automatic frying machine has so many advantages and functions, so how much does a fryer cost?

In fact, except for the output, size, weight, and heating method, the configuration of this pork rind fryer is the same, except for individual customization, such as material and voltage. Therefore, its price is mainly related to output.

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